Bankruptcy affects considerably more parties than just the “debtor”. The majority of our clients are either creditors or other parties with legal issues relating to a bankruptcy proceeding. We also represent debtors, including corporate entities and individuals.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation, means that your "estate" – i.e., your non-exempt assets – is sold in order to pay off your creditors while the debtor (in most cases) receives “fresh start”.

Chapter 13 is for individuals with steady income who agree to pay back some portion of their debts over a five year period.

Chapter 11 is for individuals or corporate entities which either reorganize or liquidate under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Chapter 11 is available to every business, whether organized as a corporation or sole proprietorship, and to individuals, although it is most prominently used by corporate entities. The permutations of chapter 11 are almost limitless, and are designed to be tailored to the needs of a given situation.